Part P Electrical Work and Building Regulations.

Fletcher Electric complete all electrical work to comply with Part P of the building regulations, but what does this mean?

Part P is a safety law that came into effect on 1 January 2005. It states that all work by Electricians on fixed electrical installations in domestic properties and associated buildings must comply to relevant standards. By regulating electrical work in this way it is hoped the standard of workmanship will improve and stamp out cowboy Electricians, as a result of this the number of preventable injuries, fires and deaths caused by electrical faults will reduce.

Part P applies to all electrical work in and around domestic properties, carried out by a professional Electrician or the home owner. It covers communal areas of a building, such as entrance halls and hallways, and shared amenities such as shops, laundries or gymnasiums. It also applies to outhouses such as garages, garden sheds and greenhouses, as well as any outside lighting.

Depending on the level of work, the Local Authority Building Control may have to be notified upon completion of any electrical work. Often this would be done by a registered Electrician, however it is also possible for a home owner or unregistered Electrician to notify the work following a third-party inspection, fee and providing proof of competence.

Special Locations

The electrical regulations refer to high risk areas, such as bathrooms, gardens and kitchens as Special locations. As the risk of electric shock is higher in these areas all electrical work is Part P notifiable, with the exception of an accessory change such as a light switch or socket. To ensure high safety standards it is therefore necessary that all electrical work in special locations be completed by a Part P registered, fully qualified Electrician.

What other work is notifiable?

Any major work including adding new circuits or changing a fuse box must be carried out by a Part P registered Electrician.

Minor works such as changing or adding a light or socket to an existing circuit is a non notifiable job therefore can be completed by a DIY’er, however if you are in any doubt as to the technical side of it then you should definitely seek advice from a qualified, registered Electrician.

What happens if the Electrical work does not comply?

Failure to comply with the Building Regulations is a criminal offence and local authorities have the power to require the removal or alteration of work that does not comply with the requirements. Not only is non-compliant work illegal but could also be dangerous! If you are in doubt of an Electricians level of competence then do not use them! A good, skilled Electrician will always be willing to prove his competence at electrical work and provide the necessary documentation to show Part P registration.

If you fear you may have had a cowboy Electrician in recently, or have moved into a home with dubious electrical wiring, get in touch with us and have a highly knowledgeable, qualified and Part P registered Electrician come to check the condition of your electrical system and take the required steps to ensure your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

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