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What to do in the event of a powercut?

If your electrics are not working there’s a whole range of problems it could be. However more often than not it can be something simple. The following information will help you to diagnose the problem and restore power to all or at least some of your electrics.   Blown light bulbs can cause lighting circuits… Read more »

RCD Protection and Safety Benefits.

What is an ‘RCD’? An advantage of having an Electrician fit a new 17th edition consumer unit is a safety device, fitted within the unit, called a ‘Residual current device’ (RCD). An RCD is a safety device that automatically switches off the electricity if there is a fault. It’s far more sensitive than normal fuses and circuit… Read more »

Your Fuse Box/ Consumer Unit

 Your Fuse Box or more modern Consumer Unit is the origin of all the electrical circuits within your home. Usually this would be located next to or near to your Electricity meter and the incoming supply cable.  Sometimes this may be outside in a meter box with the Consumer Unit or Fuse Box located indoors… Read more »

Electrical Earthing Fully Explained

Probably one of the most important safety aspects of an Electrical system is correct earthing (or grounding) throughout the installation. Knowing why and what things need to be earthed is not always clear and I often have to explain to my customers in Leeds why things need to be earthed and the potential dangers of… Read more »

Tree through the roof- SERIOUS STORM DAMAGE!

This video is from one of my callout jobs- a late night in February when high winds hit the UK. I got quite a shock walking into this room in an East Yorkshire care home! The woman who occupied the room had been in bed when a huge tree fell in through the roof around… Read more »

Safety and your electrical appliances

Mains electricity can be a serious danger and a constant worry around the home, especially with children and pets around. However by following some simple steps and using some common sense it doesn’t have to be that way.   Never use any damaged electrical equipment.  It may seem obvious but is of serious importance that… Read more »

Part P Electrical Work and Building Regulations.

Fletcher Electric complete all electrical work to comply with Part P of the building regulations, but what does this mean? Part P is a safety law that came into effect on 1 January 2005. It states that all work by Electricians on fixed electrical installations in domestic properties and associated buildings must comply to relevant… Read more »

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