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We offer a 24/7 service for any Electrical Emergencies. An Electrician is always on standy to take your call and if required pay you a visit to repair the problem.

We offer free advice over the phone- with our guidance often we can explain a solution so that power can be restored permantly or temporarly until either we arrive or until a more suitable time in working hours. Many of our Electrical callouts are resolved over the phone free of charge. Whilst we do try to talk you through a solution we would never allow you to put yourself at risk and we are always willing to pay you a visit to restore power and make any neccesary repairs.

To the Point

We have a wealth of experience in diagnosing, finding and repairing faults on electrical system’s. Sometimes the problem will be obvious, but other times not and in depth testing will be needed to locate the fault. Our experience ensures we know all the problems and exactly what to look for. We always find the fault quickly, with minimal disruption and mess.

Smaller electrical repairs such as a blown fuse or damaged fitting are usually completed the same day as your initial call. Larger, more complex faults or repairs may require specific replacement parts or a return visit at a time more convenient to you. If this is the case the Electrician will always restore power and ensure the Electrical system is safe and useable whilst you await our return.

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