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Inspection and Testing is used to assess the condition of the electrics within a property. The condition of all electrical installations will deteriorate over time. They should therefore be tested and inspected by a competent Electrician at appropriate intervals to assess the level of deterioration, and whether this will have any impact on its safe use in the future.

These safety checks are referred to as ‘Periodic inspection and tests’ and the document which all findings are recorded an ‘Electrical installation condition report’. This is where the Electrician will detail all recorded findings and test results, and list any problems or issues. The report will be marked as either ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’, in the case of the latter, necessary remedial work required to obtain a satisfactory result will be identified.

An Electrical Condition Report is a bit like an MOT for your electrics, sometimes work will be required to achieve a safe standard.

How often do Electrical Condition Reports need to be done?

Domestic properties every 10 years

Rented Domestic properties every 5 years

Commercial properties differ dependent on their use but typically 5 years

Use a Competent, Experienced Electrician.

We have a huge amount of experience in Electrical Inspection & Testing, our Electricians are highly knowledgeable in all current regulations and requirements and qualified to City & Guilds 2391 (Inspection & Testing). Unfortunately many Electricians who do not have this qualification or relevant experience will still offer safety inspections and may not pick up on what may be something very important for safety.

Make sure you get what you pay for!
There are also many companies offering this service who do not do the testing properly and simply use it as an excuse to get more work from you. I have seen countless reports which say ‘Rewire needed’ and no further information as to why it may need rewiring.
Our reports are very detailed PDF computer written reports which have all problems listed in a way that you can understand.
They are written in a way so any other Electrician would be able to use our reports to Quote or repair any problems found. This means you are not ‘trapped’ into using us to do any remedial work required. We are obviously happy to do the remedial work but I feel if you are paying for a detailed, in depth independent document that’s what you should be getting- not just an email or call from me telling you this that and the other needs to be done at X amount.
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