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Commercial Electrician in LeedsProfessionalism, reliability and good service are fundamental for any business to run successfully. At Fletcher Electric based in Leeds we understand how important upholding these values are to you and your clients and would only ever treat your business with the same high level of service you offer. A professional appearance and orderly work site ensure we always maintain a professional appearance and attitude.

No Disruption to Service.

Businesses are like a well oiled machine and we understand the consequences of any interruption to services, we fully appreciate the need to be flexible so that your business can continue to run in perfect harmony. A rapid response and efficient service are essential when putting right any problems that may arise in your business.

Maintenance & Repairs.

We can advise on cost cutting methods or ways to improve your business, as well as providing the necessary electrical repairs and maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.

Energy Saving & Improved Efficiency.

With the cost of energy rising every year it makes a huge amount of sense to reduce your consumption as much as possible and save money on your bills. A small amount of investment in energy saving methods can often mean a dramatic reduction in usage. We can help your business achieve this, there are a number of options available-

Lamp & Lighting replacement

Changing old lamps and lights, to LED or Compact Fluorescent Light fittings will use 60-90% less electricity than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. The lifespan of the bulbs is also much longer- LED lamps can last up to 30 years. Not only is there a huge saving in energy use but also in time and cost of maintaining light fittings and bulbs that regularly fail.

Lighting and heating control systems

Lots of energy is wasted by lights and heating using power when they don’t need to be on. Proper temperature and timing regulation will stop your heating from being over-used and time switches, occupancy, and night/ day sensors will prevent your lights from being on unnecessarily. Theres no point paying to illuminate or heat a room when it is not in use.

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